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Giovanni Zinzi

Co-Founder, Hustler

 Giovanni is a junior Finance major at The University of Texas at Austin who loves public speaking, chess, working out, cooking, and problem solving. With CollegeHustle, he hopes to help 100 students find a job.

Keegan Black

Co-Founder, Developer

Keegan is a junior Computer Science major at The University of Texas at Austin who enjoys creating solutions to problems by leveraging technology. He is the brains behind the CollegeHustle UI and app. 

The Story Behind CollegeHustle

By Giovanni Zinzi

For students, current job seeking services are not modernized and optimized for our preferences and needs. For small businesses, finding applicants is difficult because current recruiting services, like Monster and Indeed, are expensive and do not specifically target students.

As college students we truly understand our target audience and have the capacity and connections to promote our product to fellow students with ease.

Take my friend Jimmy as an example. Jimmy is a college student trying to find a part-time job. First, he uses a college sponsored job board like hireUTexas. However, hireUTexas is stuck in the medieval times, so it’s interface is uninviting and saturated. Therefore, he turns to more modern services like Monster to find a job, but these services list a lot of jobs that don’t consider his individual preferences and needs as a student. He applies to a job on Monster and is quickly frustrated. He feels like he is sending applications into “a black hole” and will never hear from an employer. Ultimately, Jimmy feels down because he isn’t empowered by the current resources available.

This is where CollegeHustle comes in and saves the day! We focus on modernizing connections and empowering job seekers. As soon as Jimmy opens our app, a map pops up with nearby job postings. When Jimmy clicks on a job, he can see whether the job will work around his unique student schedule. If Jimmy wants to work in a certain industry, we have a filtering system that allows him to target more preferential job postings. Once Jimmy applies for a job, we keep him updated through push notifications and make sure he hears back within 48 hours.

So how does this benefit local businesses? Local businesses usually don’t have the resources to compete with larger corporate companies for applicants. We provide these local businesses with a free means to advertise to great talent: UT students. Additionally, we allow businesses that are part of our soft launch to connect and message students for free. 

This is only the beginning for CollegeHustle. In the future, we have plans to create a revolutionary job on-demand service, a gamified job search education experience, and a CRM software system for talent recruiting.

In conclusion, at CollegeHustle, we’re modernizing the student job search process by empowering students and local businesses through mobile technology. We’re determined to make finding a job more personable and we’re excited to see what the future holds.


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